Entertaining for Christmas in July in Australia!

"Deck the Shrimp on the Barbie"

Celebrating Christmas in July, Aussie Style!"

Entertaining for Christmas in July in Australia!

When it comes to Christmas in Australia, most people think of beaches, barbecues, and a hot summer's day. But did you know that many Australians also celebrate a mid-year Christmas in July? This celebration is a chance to enjoy all the traditional festive foods, but in the colder months. So, what kind of food do we make for Christmas in July in Australia? Let's find out!

Picture this: it's the middle of winter in Australia, and the air is crisp and cold. But inside, families are gathered around the table, enjoying a festive feast fit for Christmas. There are roasts, puddings, mince pies, and glasses of warming mulled wine. From the crackling fireplace to the sparkling decorations, the scene is set for a mid-year Christmas celebration.

Australians enjoy celebrating Christmas in July with a big feast that usually includes traditional dishes like roast meats, vegetables, and potato bake. Popular desserts include trifle, pavlova, and Christmas pudding, while drinks like eggnog and spiced cider add to the festive atmosphere.

Christmas Pudding on Plate

So with all of this delicious food, how would we present it all to the table?  Here at House of Dudley we have just the right item for all of your Christmas in July needs. 

Imagine setting the table for a special occasion and bringing out our beautifully crafted Belle bowl. Its gentle curves and delicate fluted pattern are sure to catch everyone's eye. As you fill it with crisp vibrant vegetables, you can feel the excitement and anticipation building. 


Entertaining for Christmas in July in Australia!


From your pudding to salad these bowls will make your table look stunning and your food taste and look delicious, and teaming them with our amazing serving ware will enhance your look further.`



Entertaining for Christmas in July in Australia!


Once you have your bowls ready to put your beautiful food in, you need to set that table.  What could be more Christmassy than a Green Table Cloth, Vases full of flowers, table runners, matching candles and a delightful candle.....Imagine the beauty!

Dinner party decorated table


If you are looking to create that 'perfect' table setting, take a look inside 'House of Dudley' to deck the halls, and the table!

Merry Christmas in July 🎅❄️🎄






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