al.ive - Kitchen Trio - Lemon & Pomegranate + Watermelon & Lime

$80.16 SGD

al.ive - Kitchen Trio - Lemon & Pomegranate + Watermelon & Lime

$80.16 SGD

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Introducing the Premium Kitchen Trio - Lemon & Pomegranate + Watermelon & Lime - the ultimate solution for your kitchen cleaning needs! This set includes the Dishwashing Liquid, Bench Spray, and Hand Wash, all conveniently nestled within a beautifully designed custom tray.

The Dishwashing Liquid cuts through grease and grime with ease, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and your kitchen smelling fresh. The Bench Spray is perfect for cleaning countertops, stovetops, and other surfaces and the Hand Wash is gentle on skin and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth. 

All three products are housed within a custom-designed tray that not only looks stunning, but also helps keep your kitchen neat and organised. The tray is durable and easy to clean, making it practical and convenient. The slim design and more compact size allows for convenient display and kitchen use.

Dimensions - 22.5cmH x 20cmW x 6cmD
The 300ml bottles are 100% recyclable and made from HDPE plastic, the trays are made from ABS plastic, for its durability and are designed for longevity.

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