Boxed Soy Candle - Australiana - Small

$35.98 SGD

Boxed Soy Candle - Australiana - Small

$35.98 SGD

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Fresh, native flora dances on notes of clove, fir needle, leafy greens and just a hint of lemongrass.

Envelop yourself in the luxurious aromas of the Australian outback with this Australiana Boxed Soy Candle. Crafted with native Australian flora, this highly aromatic candle provides an evocative experience of the beautiful Australian bush. Enjoy the subtle and complex aroma of this exquisite hand-poured candle, exquisitely presented in a stylish box adorned with Australian native flowers.

This candle is reminiscent of long days spent wandering through eucalyptus filled scrub. Fresh with notes of clove and fir needle, this is a revitalising fragrance lifted to heights with the addition of lemongrass.

This candle will transport expats and other Australiana lovers back to a place that feels like home. It’s so authentic you will get lost in the reverie.

Candle Size
Small - 200g / 30+ hours / Single Wick / 9cmH x 875cmW

The Collection
The Australian Botanicals Collection features hand painted illustrations of native flora and fauna by Holly Sanders. This collection is not only a celebration of culture and Country, but also represents the merging of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art. 

The Artist
Holly Sanders is a proud Aboriginal Bundjalung woman from North Coast New South Wales. Through her art, she aims to share her stories, culture and Country in a contemporary way. The patterns of her Saltwater Country motivate her, as do stories from the past.

The colours and patterns utilised in her art are a reflection of her connection to Country and used to develop a modern interpretation of her Aboriginal culture. Painting is important for her identity, wellbeing and expresses the way she understands and respects her culture, ancestors and Country.

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