Flamingo Candle Holder

$24.93 SGD


Flamingo Candle Holder

$24.93 SGD

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The Flamingo Candle Holder will add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home decor. As you light a candle and place it within, a magical ambiance fills the room. The warm glow dances and reflects off the polished surface, casting enchanting shadows that create a captivating atmosphere. 

Whether you're using it to light up a relaxing bath after a long day, or to set the mood for a romantic dinner with a loved one, the Flamingo Candle Holder is the perfect way to bring a little extra love and positivity into your home.

These stylish Flamingo Candle Holders come in four lovely colours.

The clear glass of the bulb-shaped holder ensures a warm glow when the candle is lit and the fading colours allows the candle holder to be introduced into any room design beautifully.

Hold your tea lights or fairy lights in this beautifully curved holder.

Colour - Gold / Amber / Brown / Pink
Composition - Glass
Dimensions - 9.5cmD x 13cmH
Weight - 1kg
Care Instructions - Wipe clean with damp cloth

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