Boxed Soy Candle - Paper Daisy

$45.00 SGD

Boxed Soy Candle - Paper Daisy

$45.00 SGD

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Paper Daisy scent - green and youthful, with notes of violet, amber and daisy petals.

This Paper Daisy Boxed Soy Candle is a piece of artful indulgence, crafted with daisy petals, violet and amber, and natural soy wax. Each candle invites you to a world of luxury and refinement, creating an enchantingly fragrant experience.

Indulge yourself in the timeless beauty of this classic candle.

Welcome to the exclusive Australian Wildflower Collection… a celebration of the beautiful, inspirational, resilient, authentic Australian women in our lives.

The exquisitely delicate, limited edition collection is dedicated to our mother figures – the ones that show up, shape up, and never give up on us.

The grandmothers, mothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, soul mates and lifelong friends that stand with us as witnesses to our lives … we see you! We wholeheartedly appreciate everything you bring and everything you are.

We value your free spirit, your strength, and your amazing tenacity no matter what life throws at you.

You are always there for us standing strong against the storm or raising up from the dust to shine again for another sun filled day.

You are always the rock that holds us up and the soft place to fall when we are down.

There is no other like you. You are unique in every way. We would be lost without you and your vivid brilliance in our lives.

Australian Made Candle / Hand poured Soy Candle

Candle Size
Large - 300g | 50+ hours | Double wick | 10cm (h) x 8.5cm (w)

Their Personality
A natural bright beauty. Young at heart - cheerful and fresh in outlook.
Strong and resolute, yet warm and kind. Vivacious, audacious and brave.
The delightful centre of our universe.
The cherished sun around which we revolve.

Let her be wild and free for she will bloom and grow and bloom again.

Paper Daisy - Inspiration
Bright and cheerful, the Paper Daisy grows in unexpected places and has the ability to thrive under the harsh Australian conditions.

Paper Daisies are known for their variety and versatility. They grow in a vivid array of colours including magnificent variations of white, pink, red, orange, gold and bronze.

Their defiantly strong papery petals are perpetually on the shrubs and the pollen filled centres are constant food for hungry bees.

Like many Australian Wildflowers, Paper Daisies love full sun and are self-renewable - self seeding well under the right conditions.

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