Interior Decor for small apartments

"When it comes to home design, bigger isn't always better"

Sometimes, the most innovative and impressive designs come from working with limited space. In small apartments, every inch counts.

From multi-purpose furniture to clever storage solutions, there are countless ways to optimize your space and make it work for you.

Interior Decor for small apartments

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best interior design ideas for small apartments, including clever storage solutions, space-saving furniture, and creative decor elements that will help you maximize your living space without sacrificing style or comfort.

Small apartments can be challenging to decorate, especially when you are trying to balance form and function in a limited space. However, with the right interior design ideas, you can transform your small apartment into a cosy and stylish space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Decorating a small apartment can give you a sense of home because it allows you to personalize your space and make it your own. When you decorate your home, you're not only creating a visually pleasing environment, but you're also creating a comfortable and welcoming space that reflects your personal style and taste. In small apartments, you have less space to work with, so it's important to choose items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By incorporating elements like cosy bedding, soft lighting, and personalized decor, you can create a space that feels warm and inviting, even in a small area.  When you put effort into decorating your space, you're also investing in yourself and your well-being, as a cosy and comfortable home can positively impact your mood and overall happiness.

Below are 5 simple ways to add decor to your small apartment

1. Maximising Space

Maximizing space in a small apartment is crucial to ensure that the residents have enough space to live comfortably and avoid feeling cramped. 
When living in a small apartment, it is essential to have enough space to move around and store your belongings. Maximizing space will help organize the apartment and increase the living area, making it more comfortable for the residents. By utilizing the space efficiently, you can create a functional apartment that works for you. For instance, you can install storage options like shelves or cabinets to keep things organized, or use multi-functional furniture that can serve multiple purposes. In a small apartment can do wonders for its visual appeal. You can create an illusion of more space by using light paint colours, mirrors, and proper lighting. This will make the apartment look more spacious and welcoming. Another benefit of maximizing space in a small apartment is that it can be cost-effective. You can save money by avoiding moving to a bigger apartment, or by not having to pay for a storage unit to store your extra belongings.  

2. De-Cluttering

Before you jump into decluttering, take some time to plan what areas you want to tackle first. It can be overwhelming to try to declutter your entire home at once, so start with one room or one category of items (like clothes or books).
As you declutter, create different piles or boxes for items you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. This will help you stay organized and make the process less overwhelming. Don't try to rush through the process of decluttering. Take time to consider each item and decide whether you truly need it or not.
Do you really need three sets of measuring cups or two identical sweaters? If not, get rid of the duplicates to create more space.
Look for ways to maximize your storage space, such as adding shelves or using vertical space. You can also use storage containers or baskets to keep things organized. Once you've decluttered and organized, make an effort to maintain your space. Set aside time each week to put things away and tidy up, so that clutter doesn't build up again.

3. Colour

Colour can have a significant impact on the perception of space. Different colours can make a room feel larger or smaller, brighter or duller, warmer or cooler. Light colours like white, cream, and pastels tend to make a space feel larger and more open. This is because light colours reflect more light, making the walls appear to recede and creating a sense of airiness. Using light colours on walls, ceilings, and floors can create an expansive feeling in a small room, making it feel more spacious.


Dark colours like navy blue, forest green, and deep purple tend to make a space feel smaller and cosier. This is because dark colours absorb light, making the walls appear to advance and creating a sense of intimacy. Darker colours are ideal for larger rooms or spaces that you want to feel more intimate and cosy.

The warmth or coolness of colours can also affect the perception of space. Warm colours like red, orange, and yellow tend to make a space feel cosier and more inviting. These colours are ideal for rooms where people gather, such as a living room or dining room.


Cool colours like blue, green, and purple tend to make a space feel more peaceful and calming. These colours are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, where relaxation is a priority.

The right colour choice can greatly impact the perceived size and atmosphere of a room. When choosing colours, it is important to consider the size and intended use of the space, as well as personal preferences and style.

4. Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of small apartment living as it can significantly impact the overall ambiance, functionality, and mood of the space. 
Proper lighting can make a small apartment feel more spacious and airy. By strategically placing lights in areas where there is a lack of natural light, such as corners or hallways, you can visually expand the space and make it feel more inviting.  Lighting can also help to highlight specific areas of the apartment and make them more functional. For example, task lighting can be used in the kitchen to illuminate the countertop and workspaces, making cooking and preparing meals easier.
Lighting can create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in a small apartment. Soft, warm tones can make the space feel cosy and relaxing, while brighter lights can energize and invigorate the space for activities such as socializing or working.
Lighting fixtures can serve as decorative elements in a small apartment, adding visual interest and style. By choosing fixtures that complement the decor of the space, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the apartment.
Lighting plays a crucial role in the functionality, ambiance, and aesthetic appeal of small apartments. By carefully considering the placement, type, and tone of lighting fixtures, you can create a comfortable and inviting space that meets your needs and enhances your daily living experience.

5. Furniture 

Some furniture and decor pieces that serve multiple purposes are storage ottomans which can be used for storage, as a footrest, or as extra seating. They are perfect for small spaces.
Sofa beds are perfect for a guest room or a small apartment. During the day, they function as a regular couch, and at night, they can be transformed into a comfortable bed.
Foldable chairs can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. They are great for small apartments, outdoor gatherings, or as extra seating.
Nesting tables save space when not in use. They are perfect for small living rooms or bedrooms.
Wall shelves not only provide storage, but they also add a decorative touch to any room. They can be used to display books, pictures, or decorative items.
Room dividers help to separate different living areas in a room. They are perfect for small apartments or studio apartments.
Mirrors are great as a decorative item, but they can also make a room look bigger and brighter. They can be used in any room, from the living room to the bedroom while rugs not only add a decorative touch to a room, but they also provide comfort and warmth. They can be used in any room, from the living room to the bedroom.

Creating a beautiful and functional living space in a small apartment is absolutely possible with the right interior design ideas. By utilizing space-saving furniture, strategic lighting, and thoughtful storage solutions, you can transform your small living space into a cosy and inviting home. Keep in mind the importance of maximizing natural light and incorporating personal touches to add character and personality. With these tips in mind, you can create a small apartment that feels spacious, stylish, and uniquely yours.


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