Floral Tumbling Tower $26.86
This Tumbling Tower game that you know and love and has been made fabulous!Everything in life can be improved with floral prints. There's no need to pack your game away, it's too pretty for the cupboard.  There are 48 Wooden Tumbling Blocks. To play the game you take turns removing one block at a time. After you remove a block, place it on the top level. Use only one hand but don't be the one to let the tower tumble! The last player to successfully remove a block and place it on the top level without crashing the tower is the winner. 
1000 Piece Puzzle - May Gibbs $39.62
When cuteness and the Aussie bush combine in a 1000 Piece May Gibbs Puzzle. We are chuffed to dip into the May Gibbs archives and bring you products celebrating this nostalgic and treasured part of Australian folklore.Exercise your mind and excite your eyes. Or share the love, puzzles make the BEST gifts.  About May GibbsMay Gibbs is one of Australia’s best loved, classic children’s book writers and artists. May’s deep love of the Australian bush was portrayed in her work, engendering in children her own love of nature. The Gumnut Babies, May’s classic book about Australian bush fairies, was first published in 1916 and was followed by many other Gumnut stories including her famous creations Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. When she died, May Gibbs bequeathed her works to The Northcott Society and Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Through her foresight, May has helped thousands of Australian children living with disability and their families. Additional Information50cm x 70cm (finished size of puzzle)Artist Designed / Brain Training / Australian OwnedFemale Owned and Operated
1000 Piece Puzzle - Secret Garden $39.62
Explore the secrets of this beautifully coloured garden piece by piece!Exercise your mind and excite your eyes.Or.....share the love, puzzles make the BEST gifts.Brain Training / Australian Owned About the ArtistA dreamy garden scape brought to you by Georgia Pendlebury for The Colour English.Colour - Artist DesignedDimensions - 70cmH x 50cmW (finished size of puzzle)
1000 Piece Puzzle - Mexicana $39.62
Exercise your mind and excite your eyes. Or....share the love, puzzles make the BEST gifts. Brain Training / Australian Owned About the ArtistSarah Rowe, AKA Miss Moresby, grew up in Moresby Street, in a leafy suburb of Adelaide. Sarah now lives in the leafy suburb of Eltham, Victoria with her three sandy haired boys, two chickens, two cats and two dogs for company. Painting and Textile Design have always been amongst her favourite things to do, driven as she is by colour and creative expression.Colour - Artist DesignedDimensions - 70cmH x 50cmW (finished size of puzzle)
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1000 Piece Puzzle - Giwaa-Yubaa $39.62
About the ArtistLou Martin is a contemporary Aboriginal artist (Wiradjuri) who lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (Gubbi Gubbi country). Although Lou has been painting throughout her life, she only recently began sharing her work. Lou feels a deep connection to the land as reflected in her pieces. Her coastal and hinterland surroundings, the people who reside there, family and community, are the inspiration for her work. Painting and creativity run through Lou's family as her work connects her to generations past. Lou has a contemporary approach to traditional dot painting and a passion for colour to bring her stories to life. Brain Training / Australian OwnedArtist Designed Dimensions - 50cmH x 70cmW (finished size of puzzle) 
500 Piece Puzzle - Quintessentially Kevin $30.22
How cute is Kevin!? He is fun to complete also. Kevin looks extremely cute hanging in a play room or nursery.Brain Training / Australian Owned About the ArtistJessie Breakwell has been painting for more than 20 years and is globally recognised for her quirky, abstract and whimsical style, depicting zebras, elephants, tropical birds, serene still life's and intricate landscapes. Her work is offbeat, quirky and full of wonder. Strongly influenced by the enigmatic Brett Whiteley and French Fauvist artist Henri Matisse, Jessie’s vibrant paintings evoke a sense of enchantment and fun providing light relief and a satisfying diversion from inescapable reality. Colour - Artist DesignedDimensions - 55cmH x 38.5cmW (finished size of puzzle)
500 Piece Puzzle - Man Cave $30.22
This classic Man Cave Garage includes - camping equipment, home brew, bikes, tools, golf clubs, gadgets and gizmos galore!The perfect puzzle for all those garage hoarders out there. We see you!Brain Training / Australian Owned About the ArtistJames Gulliver Hancock is a well travelled illustrator known for his playful illustration style. His obsession with drawing everything in the world has seen him work on major projects around the globe. His work has appeared on everything from train carriages, to books, to furniture, clothing, ceramics, boardgames, billboards and animations and now PUZZLES. James has worked for some huge clients including The New York Times and Coca Cola.Colour - Artist DesignedDimensions - 55cmH x 38.5cmW (finished size of puzzle)
1000 Piece Puzzle - Day Tripper $39.62
Exercise your mind and excite your eyes. Or share the love, puzzles make the BEST gifts. Brain Training / Australian Owned About the ArtistRach Jackson loves creating. She never stops dabbling in different styles and techniques. We love that Rach was a hairdresser for 13 years before reigniting her career as an artist.  Colour - Artist DesignedDimensions - 70cmH x 50cmW (finished size of puzzle) 

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