Large gift tag with plenty of space to write a personal message to your loved one on. 

We know that as we wrap the presents for our loved ones, we want everything to be perfect. We carefully choose each gift, taking into account our recipients personal preferences along with our shared history.

We pick the wrapping paper that matches their personality and the ribbon that complements the gift. But when we look for the gift tags, we find that most of them are generic and soulless. We realized that we wanted gift tags that where more meaningful and unique.

That's when we discovered these Australian made and designed gift tags. Drawn to them not only because of their beautiful designs, patterns and colours but because they represent something special.

They are created by local Australian artisans who put their heart and soul into each design. They use sustainable materials and support the local community. So with each gift tag we use we can feel proud to be supporting their work and to be able show our loved ones that we truly care about the environment and social responsibility.

As we attach the gift tags to our presents, we feel a sense of joy and connection. We know that when they receive their gift they will appreciate the extra effort and the thought behind each detail.

We can imagine them smiling and feeling loved, and that makes us happy too. We  realize that these large artisan designed gift tags are a symbol of our love and care. 

A lovely large gift tag featuring 'Chamomile Flowers and a Butterfly' has plenty of space to write the perfect personalised message.

This Australian designed and made large custom gift tag is 13cm tall and 7cm wide.

- Single Gift Tag, supplied without string
- Printed on 100% recycled card
- Made and designed in Australia