The FLEMINGTON ACRYLIC TUMBLER in BLUE is more than just a drinking vessel. It's a symbol of hope, resilience, and strength.

Imagine a hot summer day, you're feeling tired and thirsty, but you keep pushing through. You're chasing your dreams, working hard, and striving for success. That's when the FLEMINGTON ACRYLIC TUMBLER comes in, with its cool blue color and sturdy acrylic material. As you take a sip, you feel a surge of energy, determination, and motivation.

But this tumbler is not just for the good days. It's for the tough times too. Imagine a long night, when you're feeling lonely, anxious, or stressed. You're searching for comfort, for something to hold onto. That's when the FLEMINGTON ACRYLIC TUMBLER comes in, with its smooth texture and comforting weight. As you wrap your fingers around it, you feel a sense of calm, peace, and security.

This tumbler is more than just a practical item. It's a reminder that you're not alone. That you have a community of like-minded people who are cheering you on, supporting you, and believing in you. That you have the strength to overcome any obstacle, to face any challenge, and to achieve any goal.

So don't just buy a tumbler. Buy a symbol of hope. Buy a FLEMINGTON ACRYLIC TUMBLER in BLUE and join our community of dreamers, doers, and believers.

This tumbler came to be after a devastating storm hit our small town. The storm destroyed homes, displaced families, and left many feeling hopeless. But amidst the wreckage, a group of volunteers emerged, determined to rebuild and bring hope back to the community.

One of these volunteers was a young girl named Flemington. She had a contagious spirit that lifted up those around her and kept everyone motivated to keep going, even when things seemed impossible.

To commemorate her efforts, we created the Flemington Acrylic Tumbler in Blue. This tumbler is a reflection of Flemington's spirit - resilient, strong, and always shining bright. With its beautiful blue color and durable acrylic material, it is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Every time you take a sip from this tumbler, you'll be reminded of the power of hope, determination, and community. And with each purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting local disaster relief efforts - ensuring that the strength and resilience of our community continues to shine on.

So join us in honoring Flemington and all the amazing volunteers who helped rebuild our town. Get your Flemington Acrylic Tumbler in Blue today and be part of a movement that celebrates resilience and community spirit.

The Flemington Acrylic Tumbler is artful, stylish and incredibly beautiful. 

This range of jugs, wine glasses, tumblers and champagne flutes are so much like actual glass you almost won’t believe they’re not! Because they are made from BPA-free plastic, they are absolutely perfect and safe for outdoor summer entertaining and picnics, by the swimming pool, caravaning or on glamping trips with friends. 

    Colour - Blue

    Composition - Acrylic / BPA Free

    Dimensions - 11cmH x 8.5cmW

    Care Instructions 

  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water with a soft cloth to avoid scratching
  • Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher
  • Keep away from excessive heat, boiling water or fire