OUR STORY House of Dudley

'House of Dudley' has always been a part of our lives. We moved into our home in Dudley Street, a beautiful, quiet suburb in Adelaide, South Australia on October, 31 years ago with five month old twin girls. Our home was an old 1910 sandstone villa but without the grandeur or space we dreamed of.  

We were new parents and content to live in a rather small but always interesting household, full of music, games, stories, concerts with neighbours and more music. All the while we dabbled in home renovations, furniture restorations, interiors, even running an antiques business for a few years.

Our gorgeous girls spent their childhood playing, learning, singing and dancing with other children in Dudley Street amid all the usual chaos and beauty of growing up. It was an amazing time for all of us and we have so much love and appreciation for the community we live in.

Only as recently as two years ago we finally built an extension to our home...an open spaced kitchen, dining and living room addition giving us space to share and entertain with our family and friends. We will soon share photos of the extension as it developed over time.      

With over 25 years in the Interior Design industry and a passion for homewares, renovations, history and travel we aim to help you surround yourself with unique and timeless textures, colours and furnishings, complemented by adored homewares and stunning aromatherapy products.

House of Dudley is our online homewares store. We would love you to visit our store and we look forward to sharing the spirit of House of Dudley and spreading the love of home and tranquility with friends old and new.

Debra & Paul Horgan.

November 20, 2021 — House of Dudley