This classic Oil and Vinegar set in pewter and glass is a lifelong dining accessory.

Made in Thailand, using traditional techniques; casting most models by hand and finishing with a delicate polishing process, produces pewter of the highest quality, fitting of a genuine family heirloom.

Each piece bears the company’s hallmark stamp that guarantee’s the products composition.

Colour - Dark Silver

Dimensions - 18cmH

Composition - Pewter is made up of 95%-97% Tin with the balance made up of Copper and Antimony. Products are guaranteed lead-free and safe to use for all kinds of food and drinks.

Care Instructions - Pewter does not tarnish like silver, however oxidation does occur over time and will change the appearance of the pewter. Wash with hot soapy water and polish frequently with metal cleaner such as Brasso (not silver polish) to maintain shine. It can also be readily engraved by engraving or Laser machine.